CG Dev Team is open for auditions.

Hello. Some of you may not be familiar with the CG Dev Team ( all rights reserved ) but for those that want to develope some gamemodes with an experianced team, this is the place for you.


If you wish to enter the auditions, send an email to “” with subject “F90 : Auditions” ( note : if you dont use that as subject, we may not take in count your email ) and inside, include the following information :

Name : <first name>
Nick Name : <for short>
Steam Username : <for contact>
TimeZone : <for work hours>
Available time : <just so we know>
Any problems we should know of : < so we aren't shocked [ will not lower your chances, its only so we know, all details are kept private ]>
Short descreption : < just to know >
Profession :
Age :

you can also include examples , it will be taken into acount and will be disposed of at the end of the trials

I am sorry, i have nothing to offer, nothing to give, but i take it as work experiance and friendship.

Current workers :

  • Meisno -> Coder
  • Evan -> Mapper
  • Shady -> Idea guy, social relations
  • Cookie -> Second coder
  • Oskar -> Official beta tester
  • Scrumpy -> Second beta tester

Most developers get admin ( to test what they have made ) , and a 7 slot private passworded test server ( on wich they can test without needing to take over the main server ).

If you have any questions , please ask them without rating me dumb.


>.> i kinda nicly asked for no dumb ratings

I dont know what your CG dev team is, but by making a thread as silly as this with such bad grammar and spelling, you’re not giving your group a very good reputation. In fact, you pretty much lost me when you said “all rights reserved”.

For a moment there…

How can I make my post better?


Btw : someone tried to steal the name once so yh,

“Idea guy; social relations” - Looks suspiciously like the guy that does nothing because he has no skills that can help the project.

Speaking of which, what are the past projects of the team?

Lobby , cgrp ( beta ) , the overwatch ( beta ) , cgam ( released ) and others I can’t list cause I am on my iphone


Steve does help alot with ideas though and he is learning lua a bit

I think people wold be nicer to you if you didn’t put the tile as Auditions, more like Lua coder needed or something. Auditions gives the idea that your group is very important and that being a dev there is something everyone would want. Gives the idea that your group is a bunch of jerks.

Ah, and you obviously know absolutely nothing about game development then. Both a games designer/public relations are proper roles in a development team. OP just got his wording wrong.

Please don’t talk about dumb rating’s you hurt there feelings.

You’re right, I probably don’t, and I don’t claim to. But this isn’t big time games development, it’s coding gamemodes for Garry’s Mod. It just sounds too much like those threads where a guy comes along, asks for people to contribute to his game project, people ask what he does and he says ideas guy or project leader or whatever.

Dont forget you will need a guy to talk to the press when the gamemodes are released, im sure they would love to hear about your gamemode.

CNN will be all over it!

So basicly you want someone who takes shit from and claims them as his own work?

I have been searching a second coder for a long time
either they dont know a shit, or they just steal other peoples work

When you’re writing something that has to look somewhat professional, you should make an effort to spell it right. Even the people who come in here with some interest in joining your team, will be immediately thrown off by how little effort was put into the OP.

Ok, sorry, but this is a REAL dev team, with regualar meetings on VOIP and stuff … I am sorry that people dont really believe me. I dont want people who steal things working for me, but when it comes to textures and things like that, it would be easy enough to check wether it had been stolen…

Working for you? good luck.

OP, to be honest, it sounds like you are offering auditions for a volunteer job for a team that sounds very shady, because of the way you presented it. To be honest, every single person that can code LUA, can probably code those game-modes by themselves without having to be restricted to some sort of “team.” At least I didn’t rate your OP.

P.S. : What is the “( all rights reserved )” for? From what I understand, your “organization” name isn’t a work. Copyrights don’t protect work. Copyrights protect your code, in this case. You would have to receive a trademark for your name, and it would seem extremely irrelevant to this purpose, unless you were selling your code, which you are not. *“A trademark includes any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination used, or intended to be used, in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from goods manufactured or sold by others, and to indicate the source of the goods. In short, a trademark is a brand name.” * Even if you decide you want to trademark a name, take a look at and you will realize have to pay about $100 minimum for anything you want to do anything with trademarks. All in all, I wish you the best of luck, because now that everyone knows they can use your “CG Dev Team” name, they can’t be legally pursued, because it isn’t a registered trademark. All you can do is constantly PM them, and hope they take it off, because it is, you know, your special team name. All in all, :bravo: for your show!

You spell bad, and what’s in it for us?

Do we get the gamemode code if we code for you?

I for one, would hate having to take orders from someone who won’t even take the time to make a correct sentence.