Cg Medieval


Welcome to citrons medieval game mode

** - it is a game mode that takes strategy to out wit your enemies from cutting of there economy by setting siege to the enemy’s castle or epic land battles out in the fields this is Cg Medieval**



23/07/2010 - the hud design has been drawn up
14/07/2010 - the basic game mechanics are being established[/release]



**will this be released to the public **
we have not made that decision yet but if it dies we will release it to the public

** wen will we be able to play this game mode **
well thats a hard one to say because theres so many problematics to factor in but we can give a estimate or 1 - 4 months

** Can i help Citron Gamers in developing this wonderful game mode**
Yes you can you can apply to join the development team go down the page to see available jobs

can i interest you in a server to host this game mode
no not at the moment at the moment we have 4 servers so were pretty fine at the moment

** i haven’t seen any updates recently about this game mode is it dead**
no it is not dead it is only dead it i put at the top of the page that it is dead in huge letters
** What is CG **
well we are a new group of people that have recently started makeing some game modes some of you may rember us from out lobby game mode that is still in devolpment but is about 90% done [/release]



nothing to show at this very date [/release]


 What is CG Medieval 

it is a game mode that takes strategy to out wit your enemies from cutting of there economy by setting siege to the enemy’s castle or epic land battles out in the fields this is Cg Medieval

economy - each castle/faction has a supply that is delivered to the castle every 10 minutes.
the enemy can raid there supply lines or siege the castle and cut of its supply’s

Combat - the combat envolve fighting the enemys army


The king - The King is in control of every thing that belongs to your faction he orders you to attack the enemy’s base and so on
Solider - this guy is the raw core of the kings army he is cheap but he can cause damage
THE TANK - this guys basically the strongest unit in the game hes very expensive but causes deadly damage to your enemy’s army
Archer - this guys weak but what he lacks in strength he puts up in speed and agility
** Builder **
this guy makes buildings he also harvests the crops that are around the castle

Summary basically the game mechanics are of what those are in empires but its in g mod and its medieval the king is a strong powerful unit he controls the army via a strategy view and the rest of the player have to follow his orders and attack the enemy’s bases or if builder harvest crops make buildings and defenses.
the king can also issue his men powerful weapons like a catapult to knock down the enemy’s walls [/release]


The Team/available jobs

Lua coders -
MESINO - Lua coders lead at the moment
mappers -
Evan (aka cartman)
shady Steve

[release]available positions -
one - two more lua coders is needed the coder must have at least some experience in lua

Modeler- one - two modelers needed with modest experience
if you want to apply for any of those postions pm me or contact me on steam (evan250) or contact Mesino on steam [/release]
Lua 10%
mapping 10%
modeling 0%

feel free to add suggestions to make the game better
we also will be needing beta testers

Sounds good, I look forward to seeing it :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder why people keep making threads from 0% of work done. Why not get something real first and then post something? This is awkward.

man we have done more than 0% done ill be posting some pictures to day or tomorrow

Yeah, as a modeler i wouldn’t apply because i can’t tell if this is going anywhere. :l

I would suggest proofreading your post, especially with so little actual substance to show. Maybe some capital letters?

This thread makes you look like you’re ten.

You should really only start making threads once you have some pictures or something, generally people on this forum will just rag on you if you don’t.

Exactly, and I don’t think 10% of gm content is enough for being considered a real W.I.P. Gamemode.

mate stop posting negative stuff.
heres an old saying if you have nothing good to say don’t say any thing at all.
and if you want to post please keep it to a suggestion not *oh this does not deserve a thread

Here’s an old saying: don’t make threads unless you have work to show off.

It’s not something not good. It’s some constructive criticism. I’m telling you that you should not make a thread until you get real stuff as the Rules OP says, quoted by Cruma.
Instead, you should learn from this. You should also fix some grammar errors in your thread and posts.

Where are the pictures? Where is the spell checker? Where is anything remotely interesting?

Ok, you forgot me in there,
I am CookieMunstor , server side lua coder and lua coder recruter