CGAM, Simple Administration

Hey! I am her on facepunch today to relase CGAM, a lightweight , powerful and flexible admin mod!

The svn link is at the bottom for all those who want to skip all the reading and things. The SVN is updated alot so don’t worry about it braking, cause it will be fixed as soon as possible ( The wonders of Subversion eh! :sax: )

**CGAM, Simple Administration - revision 4**


What is CGAM?
-> It’s an admin mod that focuses on getting the job done! It has a nice plugin system full of ready made plugins to get people started. It has its own UI and fully functional Plugin UI. It also offers a lua base console and a Language of its own!

Cool! Where can i get it?
-> You need to downlad it from an svn, wich is updated whenever an update needs to be published. If people make nice plugins and wish for me to include them into the svn, i will either add them, or if the coder is Great at coding these things, he will be added as a project co-worker and will be able to submit his plugins whenever he needs.

Wow, how would one make a plugin?
-> Its a very simple process, you work of the provided base, wich has 3 functions ( Init, Shared and cl_init, wich work of their respective lua instances ). Here is the plugin base, even though it is provided in the svn :

Needed Infomation
-> You need to have this if you don’t
Want to brake CGAM

PLUGIN.Name = “< Plugin Name >”
PLUGIN.Category = “< Category >”
PLUGIN.Info = “< Author / Info >”
PLUGIN.Usage = “< How To Use >”

PLUGIN.BuildMenu = {} – You can remove this if you want, but it speeds up load time

Function list
-> You need to have this if you don’t
Want to brake CGAM

– You need to have this, even if its empty
– This is called on the server on startup.
function PLUGIN.Init()

– You need to have this, even if its empty
– This is caled on both the server and the client on startup
function PLUGIN.Shared()

– You need to have this, even if its empty
– This is called on the client on startup
function PLUGIN.Cl_init()

Buildin the menus
-> Optional, but gives a nice look
On the Plugin UI.

– Optional, if not provided, it removes part of the menu.
– Used when the player clicks on ‘info’ on the UI menu
function PLUGIN.OnInfo()

– If you want to add Menu options then utilise
– the BuildMenu table.

– Ex :

function PLUGIN.BuildMenu.Name_Goes_Here()
– put your code here
– The code runs when the player clicks on your option.

-- This makes an option called 'Name_Goes_Here' and
-- this function is run when its clicked



for example, if i wanted to make a plugin that called everyone except the caller then:

PLUGIN.Name = “Kill all humans”
PLUGIN.Category = “Exmples”
PLUGIN.Info = “Click Trigger to use!”
PLUGIN.Usage = “<- that”

function PLUGIN.Init() – Loaded on the server
concommand.Add( “SomeRandomcommand”, function( pl )
if pl:IsAdmin() then
for k,v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
if v ~= pl then

function PLUGIN.Shared() – nothing here

function PLUGIN.Cl_init() – neither here

function PLUGIN.BuildMenu.Trigger()
RunConsoleCommand( “SomeRandomcommand” )

Simple enough right? :slight_smile:



A special thanks to Evan ( or Carterman ) for moral support and the brainstorm sessions

An EXTRA special thanks to the mingabags i used as guineepigs

To all those that helped beta test

and to cookie monster ( critisisme isn’t always constructive :stuck_out_tongue: )

Link :
CGAM is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.[/release]

How do you install plugins ? :3

You place it in lua/plugins inside the addon :slight_smile: If you need any further assistance, just post :slight_smile:

thx for fast reply , but could you explain to a noob like me what use this has apart from a nice gui , and a big shiny button that says “Reload All plugins”??? :smiley:

The frame with “Reload All Plugins” Written on it is the plugin UI and it is used to administrate all of your plugins :slight_smile: . For the rest of the mod, it is used to administrate your server with facility and speed.

thx for fast reply again , but , why would people use this instead of other admin systems ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ningaglio, heart for you. Brilliant admin mod you got here.

Would swap to it if I didn’t want all my servers on the same admin mod.

Keep it up 'fella!

Well, for example, Mine has it’s own plugin system diffrent to all the others and that makes it unique. Its also good as its fast to navigate through the menus like evolve’s gui and full of nice functions like ulx.

i hate ulx tho :frowning:

Thanks, it’s people like you that make it worth while to code :slight_smile:


All the more reasons to use CGAM

true :smiley: , thx for answer to my nexbish questions

No problem mate :slight_smile:

i will test it now…

Hows it running? Any bugs? Post if there are :smiley:

WOW this is GREAT , forget about ulx and ass mod , this s cool

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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Interesting, but the UI for the base menu is…interesting to say the least. Good luck with your admin mod :slight_smile:

<3 Thanks, it was difficult writing an admin mod while your a key doesn’t work D: …

If anyone finds any bugs, i urge them to post so it gets fixed fast