CGF importer for Max?


Found out that there is Maya SMD tools, exporting as the SMD doesn’t fuck shit up

CGF for Crysis?

Yeah, for importing Crysis models

Huh. I think I saw some say that blender can do that.

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Or there’s some sort of importer for it.

I found a Blender import but it didn’t work

The only import I know that works is Maya but sucks

MayaCGF: A tool to import/export models between Maya and Crysis

The Collada CGF scripts for Blender work fine, you just have to download a bunch of other shit to make them work. There should be an installation guide for it that tells you which programs you need and such.

So you know, they don’t work for Crysis 2 models. I tried already and got an error in Blender every time.