CGTextures - Free textures for maps!

This was discovered in the L4D forum, it’s aparrently a stock image site that Valve uses. However, one of the perks of it is that you can get a membership for free, with a 15MB download allowance per day. I figured it would be good to post here so mappers can use these textures in their maps instead of the boring old default ones.

They’ve got a ton of cool textures, some that would be good for decals, and a bunch of panoramic sky textures (none in skybox format though D:).

Thing is, a lot of the textures are just photos so you’ll need Photoshop or something in order to cut them out and make all the stuff necessary for the full material. Also, most of the signs and posters and things are in German or Russian, etc. so they’d be no good for a map set in America or the UK or whatever. Still though, you may as well have a browse. I sure as hell am gonna use it. :buddy:

(Disclaimer: No I’m not advertising this site, I’m just linking to it.)

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Saw this in the encyclopedia along time ago.
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Valve uses free stock images? Interesting

More game companies do than you think.

Even sound effects, too. I’m sure we all know about the fast zombie YOUUUAARGHHHHH?

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Way to not read our encyclopedia, one of the best mapping resources out there.

You’re advertising. Also, 44 Killer Free Textures Sites.

The site isn’t even that good.

There are plenty of other sites out there that are free and offer tiling textures.

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Can you link me some? I need them. :V