CH-47 Chinook

This is the CH-47 Chinook that my friend and i have put together! hope you like it and tell me what you think!
i guess if you want to use i i would be more than happy to let you on the server to fly it!
just add me and ill show you :slight_smile:

server name: Official [Phoenix-Storms] Build Server
server IP:
Steam ID:

#1 Mouse aim flight.
#2 all e2.
#3 working ramp.
#4 easy to fly.
#5 full interior.
#6 full cockpit.

I give Tibbles credit also!
so stop crying tibbles >_<

Nice job, just change the rotor noise and it’s pitch.

he is getting there :-p

great heli recon

yea i just gota do some work on the sounds and it might be just fine hope you like it :slight_smile:

I like it, it’s too big though and the cockpit features a waste of props and looks horrible.
Rest of it is awesome though.

There is no such thing as a waste of props.

Cool heli. I like it, but like pac said, it’s a bit spacious.

Looks nice, but I don’t like the interior of the cockpit

lol admin area

i dont like the cockpit either but i guess not everyone will see it they will see the out side i guess.

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it is a little big in side but what can you put inside to fill up the space? :confused:

You forgot the part where you give me credit for the E2 :3

It’s kinda the stipulation for using it…

*Edit: Also, I like how you removed the hint that says my name. Rather douche-ish in my opinion

Nice job.

I think it confuses people to think that you made the whole chopper. I don’t know though, that’s just my guess

Nice. Seems a bit bulbous to me though. The cockpit is also too regular. I’ve found Ep2 floodlights can make good gauges when material’d, among other things that aren’t very obvious to use as gauges. Other good things to include in cockpits are radios, which can usually be taken care of by the kliener lab ones, which look almost exactly like real aviation radios. Clipboards are also good for taking up space here and there. I can tell you as a pilot that they are very prevalent when flying (generally you keep one strapped to your knee) and have numerous checklists on 'em. Anyway, they are always around, and a good thing to include in gmod cockpits. Fire extinguishers are also always around and sometimes good for taking up space decoratively. Switches, levers, and dials are also good things to include. As to the exterior, aside from looking a bit bulbous, slightly more then it should, but not by much, the nose also looks a little rough to me, though I know what that can be like. Its certainly not easy but its worth putting the time in to, as the result is very satisfying. As far as the e2 goes, I really advise making your own e2 for this kind of thing, not only for the sake of having made your own, but also for the sake of tailoring the chip to your heli. I know Tibbles chip would make the chinook behave different then it should. For reasons like that I actually have two heli chips (and im sure Ill end up making more) both tailored to specific helicopters I’ve made. Both chips have a similar interface to tibbles’s (that is where I got my inspiration, as I liked how he did his mouse control) but the code is entirely mine, which allows me to make it preform exactly as I’d like. Its not really very difficult to do, using an eyeAngle localized to the heli body. I like to control and stabilize my helis with an offset force, well, offsetting automatically to stabilize the heli in a hover. Then I manually add the vector components in the offset of the offset force to induce a roll or pitch. Tis my favorite method for heli making, as it proves very smooth.

Thank you i will use the tips you have shown me in future projects!

Is flying just a hobby for you or are you a hired pilot?

I believe balto mentioned somewhere he’s got a single engine pilot license or something in some thread.
I’d agree with everything balto said about cockpits, I’m not a pilot but I spent enough time in airliner cockpits to know he’s dead-on right (worked for an airline). I’d advise, on newer planes, to add lots of recessed computer screens. Oscilloscope radar is also cool.

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hell everything balto said was right. I suck at offsetforce though.

I’m a student pilot in school for a private license, (student pilot technically a degree of pilot: Student -> Sport -> Private-> commercial). Directly afterwards I’m going to get an IFR and multiengine rating. Not sure if I’m going to stop there or not. So yeah, flying is a hobby.


I use offset force because it feels more natural to me, as I’ve had angForce or torque feel too snappy or to wobbly. A personal preferance though, I know it can be achieved with any of them

proportions are a bit off, the seats look like 1700’s British soldiers turned into chairs

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I was thinking exactly that yesterday, decided not to post because lol admin area.

I was too!

This was funny, it made me laugh. I imagined the heli being empty for the night and you could hear like “Cheerio chaps” “Jolly good fellows.” “Quite indeed marmalade” “Yes I am intrigued tea time” Or something coming from inside it.