CH-53E Super Stallion / Pavelow

Another helicopter, mostly by me but livey helped out with cockpit since he has some L33T cockpit skills. I tried to make it as lifesize as possible and I think I achieved that. You can jump in through back and walk about. Was a bitch to make.

Now for details:

-Props: 298 (Quite alot, only had 2 props left till hit limit)
-5 seats
-A simple machine gun I made for shooting any terrorists
-Can get pretty fast, not sure how fast though
-Weight: 15000 (For lifting big cars and tanks)

Time for pictures:


There may be a vid once Will decides to join and do some filming again after we got superb film of some terrorists being shot at by the cobra. But anyway, hope you all like it, C&C if that means comment and criticism. The pictures don’t do it justice!

Nose is a little stubby, but otherwise, looks great!

Looks too skinny, but otherwise great job! I can’t make any decent vehicles :frowning:

Shame :-/

Needs a better wheel model.

Super Stalin.
The huge round windows make it look really odd, no idea how did you come up with these…

But rest looks great.

Yeah, it was just the right size too until he changed it…

Still good though :stuck_out_tongue:

I was about ready to rage because I thought it was a model, haha. Nice work! Could we also get some vids of it in action?

Well, I just did some filmin with Will of the cobra through the guns sight so the vid might be up tonight, but the Pavelow won’t be im afraid :-/

I like it. The nose needs to bulge out a bit more and it’s a bit too smooth (though I know the difficulties in making a perfect model, so it’s not your fault in the least), but other than that it’s an almost perfect recreation. The machine gun is especially nice.

The seats in the back seem to be overlapping with the bench, but otherwise it’s fantastic


I think its the same thing with this as with your black hawk. It just looks really fucking stupid when you have a whole empty chopper. Fill it up. I mean look at the seats. I’m sure the heli itself isn’t that much off scale, but it just looks that way cause you don’t have anything in your cockpit and because the seats are a meter and a half up in the air and not attached to anything. I mean fuck, finish it up in style before you post the pics, cause I wouldn’t call this a finished helicopter.

That’s just me.

I would of but as I said in the description, I only had 2 props left till I hit the limit.

don’t build detailed shit with a limit then?? I mean, even such a small vehicle as my super light car has about 300 props.

I think that was Mac is trying to highlight is how a limit is irrelevant when it comes to aesthetic criticism. Nice chopper, but I agree with Mac.

Good match to the real thing, identified it without even needing to read the title but, damn, install an artists eye into one of those sockets; those wheels don’t match!

I thought you died in a car accident

Nope, he just went RPing.

Well this looks cool. I made one too, but it looks nowhere near as good as this.