This map I made recently for use with the newest gamemode; Chimera Hunt.
I mainly made this map for the Joker Ice server, but I don’t care who uses it really on their servers.

Some screenshots: (click on screenshots for larger image, I used cubeupload)

Inside the Chimera Spawn (Chimera can break the door by biting it)

A little fading out cave made by making the brush shrink at the end

Pigmask Spawn

One of the entrances to the tunnel

One side of the tunnel

The other side

The catwalk with a useable ladder for Pigmasks

Some of Pigmask Spawn

The Main Area

An alley pushed off to the side of the map

Some of the skybox decorations

Chimera Spawn Entrance

I didn’t use a real skybox in this map because this would save time by not doing it, and players can’t get outside and onto the outside area anyway.

Download link:

Whaddaya mean a “real” skybox?
The tunnel is too well lit, darken the hell out of it.

I mean the one involving a seperate map space with a sky_camera, I just used props and brushes outside the playable area, I used clip texture to make inaccessible.

So a fake 3D skybox then. Now I get it.

So…A not real one.

The scaled 3D skyboxes are cheaper to render, though.