What is a clanhouse?
A clanhouse is a place where you hang out with your friends to relax, train and have fun. This map (ch_prime) is the first clanhouse ever released… There’s lots of things to destroy, control and whatnot.
Interaction is everything in a clanhouse. ( secrets, too :3 ( keep your flash on :wink: ) )

The original map was created for CS:S, but it should be compatible with Gmod.

Old version:

Eigenaardig Knaapje - Map and ghost texture
Hawk - Button and credits textures
Snurf Snurf [CAKE] - Voice acting
MutateMeh - Controllable Spotlight
TDDkami - Driveable boat

Download (it’s uploaded on FPSB):

Have fun!

Luigi Bros (aka Eigenaardig Knaapje)

Needs less dev textures




What he said.


needs screenshots

Wow, I think I just came up with a great idea for this, you could make a no-mans land map, or set of them, and then have servers set up so that clans can raid eachother’s servers in a fun way instead of just spamming.

And they could fight across the unclaimed area and bring the battle to the enemy’s clanhouse map.



C-c-c-c-c-combo breaker.

Not really.

It’s been done before. Also no need to sign your posts, we can see who you are on the left.

It’s somewhat lacking in details in the model/decal department and the dev textures make it look just like every other bland css dev map out there.

Needs more valid feedback.

Like this.

Of course, this is assuming you want your map to be unique, which you sort of imply. Coming up with a new function for a map isn’t always easy when gameplay is typically set in stone depending on mod/gamemode. And it’s typically considered good tact to go through and replace all dev textures for a public release, unless it’s a proof of concept or tutorial.

You need to add screenshots to the post of your map.

Otherwise you won’t get any decent amount of downloads