The map has been released!

This looks pretty cool, would be nice to have something other than that one buggy mother map for chimera hunt.

What map is that?
There are multiple maps for the gamemode out there, so I’m curious.



Thought for sure anyone who played Chimera knew of this map

2 weeks after I start an Onett map, you start a Threed map. Mine’s not UCH at the moment, but I could probably make it into one if I wanted to. Looks awesome so far.

your map’s coming out as serene more than eerie to me. probably because of the skybox and the whole TF2 art style.

I’d wait until you hear it with the music. It’ll be anything BUT serene.

I managed to get around to working on the map again, here’s Mach Pizza and the drug store:

I love how the mach pizza sign turned out, but I’m not so sure about the drug store’s, though.

Try to get closer to the colors used in the game. You know, the two alternating colors on the sign and in that order. That, or just do it the same style as the Mach Pizza sign.

I managed to get around to finishing the circus model, it looks pretty good in my opinion!

I’ll be redoing the drug store sign soon.

Assuming you have VTFEdit installed, you can open the vtf files for the skybox (night01lf, night01rt, night01bk,night01_hdrbk, night01_hdrlf ect…) whatever the name is, and tick the clamp s and clamp t. That will stop your skybox from tiling.

Wow. That tent looks great. Keep it up, because you’re doing a great job so far.

Welcome to Threed!

Most of the buildings have been done now.

The skybox I’m using here is a default TF2 skybox, and the tiling isn’t a large concern for me at the moment, as seen in this old screenshot the 3D skybox I’ll be implementing will hide the broken parts of the skybox.

The map is almost done!

I’ve started making models for objects such as signs:

The map has been released!

I’d love to hear some opinions.