Chage default lerp

Hi. I would like to change my default “cl_interp” thing to 0.07 because by default it’s 0.03 and it makes all npc’s and ragdolls laggy for me on multiplayer. I tried adding cl_interp “0.07” to config.cfg in garrysmod/cfg but it wouldn’t work and I have to go to my console and type in “cl_interp 0.07” every time I run the game. Is there any way to make this value be 0.07 by default?

Try adding it to autoexec.cfg in the cfg folder.

Create it if it does not exist.

A cl_ command is a clientside command. What you want (if there is one) is the server side (sv) command…

No. It’s cl_interp, not sv_interp (I don’t think something like this even exists).

Thanks. This helped :smiley: