Chain-Chomp Robot from SMH

This is the robot created as the final bad guy that Mario and all the rest of them have to fight at the end of the season. I have a download spot here:

This is the spot for people to talk about it and how it works, and for new ideas to make it better, or a totaly new robot idea.

Oh yeah season one isnt out yet but it will be on youtube soon.

[sarcasm]It’s amazing.[/sarcasm]

and also, if you didn’t read it at the download point, don’t press 5!!! You’ll need to freeze all body parts except for his arms with the guns. he will have a huge spasm, (and I dont know how to fix it), and you will have to re-spawn it from the advanced duplicator. and period, decimal, whatever you call it is to fire the ultra-turret arms, you only need to freeze his arms that have the guns on them, if you don’t, he’ll fall.


so yeah, and i forgot to fix this but there are two songs on the intro that is on youtube now. but to reasure you, this problem will not be in the series.
watch the intro here:

the first song is ssbm intro song, and the second one that you cant really here, (just unplug one speaker so you here only one speaker) is dragon ball gt intro song

so yeah when i get done with season one, you can bet there will be a season two.

Are you serious?
This is terrible. I laughed so hard. Your video is just… oh my fucking god. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in weeks. It was like listening to Queen and some theme song while being on acid.


Confirming with unbiased reports that this is in fact terrible.

Doesn’t walk, not a big deal, but you could’ve stuck at least a billion and a half thrusters on one of the legs.
Has custom model packs that aren’t ubiquitous - worse yet, using a ragdoll on a contraption is not usually a good idea
It has a hojillion turrets that glitch out when it fires, causing it to send itself flipping around the map. Protip, I originally tried this with just four, and it still killed stuff with about as much effectiveness.
I hit 5. It was well worth the laugh.

Sorry man, literally anyone could have built this.

edit: Look on the bright side, at least it doesn’t use applyForce :downs:

That’s Crap.
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Wow, I’m gob-struck.



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I don’t get it.

What the hell did I just watch?


Nice troll. Did it come with the fail?

This… is an abomination…

hahahaah he got pwnt for model stealing

It needs more turrets.

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What the fuck did i just watch

i want to go gouge my eyes and ears out now

what the fuck

i think you guys should back the fuck up and off him, and know he didnt steal that fuckin model, and i watched that video and the music was a mistake he posted that earlyer, and the song that is supposed to be heard is dragon ball gt intro. the video is an intro video like if you where to watch a show on tv, sometimes they have videos at the begining, thats what this is like, its the video for his series so i would advise you jerks to back the fuck up.


damnit, like he said, the music is messed up and damnit dbgt intro is good so shut the hell up, and if you want, just dont pay atention to that part and listen to the ssbm intro song


bullshit, i am trying to make a thread explaing what happed


who, mike?


hold the fuck on, i saw that very post on his thread that explained about his chain chomp robot. who ever posted that copied it and pasted into a post. damn i hate you people…


okay you are cool i guess cuz you aint sayin nothin that aint true, but i am online with him and i showed him what this post has in it with a webcam and heres what he wanted me to post, really, i copyed and pasted it here:

okay guys look, i couldnt find any way to make the guy move and if i havent said it already, then dont press 5 unless the body is froze or he will indeed spasm. when you fire turrets, do the exact opposite, freeze only the fireing arms. yes he may be laggy when you fire the guns, but he is just something i threw toghether for a series that nobody seems to give a damn about, and i am now working on a better version that moves, okay. so when that works, all will be fine. just tell this guy here what you want to tell me and he’ll tell me. see ya.

that was directly from him, so like he said, tell me what you want sent to him


no SHADIX and it is fusion i know but i bit and peiced from other manga.

thats what mike said


dude…your an abomination.


okay for now on what ever mike wants me to post ill put in parenthacese. here is what he said:

(okay thats a good idea, and maybe ill add a few wheels and/or jet boots or maybe a giant flamethrower, im not sure yet, im still working on the upgrade.)


(well i depends on what you dont get. if i can right a book about this adventure stuff, then if you want ill give it to you.)


now hang on a minute, why the hell did you post that? that has not a damn thing to do with him or what were talking about


other than gunnanmon, simmie-sam, sestze, you are al dick wads and should shut the hell up about him and his creations, after all, what would the world be today if it werent for the people like that? and karbine is the dummest fucktard i have ever heard of


and here is a link to the thread that explains what happened with the stolen model accedent: