Chain in garrysmod

I think that there should be chains to fit gear sized from the gear packs or make a new official pack that everone will use and make chains for those gears, chains could be a new way of transfering the power still using reduction or faster ect…

There should be a tool where u have a selection of chains and you can tighten them or choose bigger or smaller chains to fit the gears

Just another idea lol


No, that’s silly.

its called Rope.

You don’t know how horrible the ropes works on phx models right?
Ropes don’t even work with hl2 etc props.

Chain Texture for Rope :q:

Did you know? G Mod got ropes that does not have realistic collission or anything so they cant work with gears at ALL.

i was about to say that :smiley:

Did you know? Source* got ropes that does not have realistic collission or anything so they cant work with gears at ALL.

Lol. Having a chain would be like having 8 ragdolls welded together all moving.

It’d be laggy as hell.

All of you guys are just negative, ropes will NOT work, im talking about gears not just props, the ropes will turn the other objet at the ratio of 1:1 chains can deliver dirrerent ratios not just 1, think about it, mabey valve should update its gay peice of shit source engine

Maybe you should STFU.

Shut the fuck up, it’s a decent engine with lot’s of possibilities, chains aren’t possible due to the amount of lag it would indefinitely create.

Good lord, not everybody’s a Gmod pro, but I just have to say, you should realize already that using this chain would be like putting 100 explosive barrels right next to each other and make them all go boom with 2 nukes.

No, just no.

no fucking point man

Did you know? “collision” has only one s?

Obvious copy + pasting has failed.

I should not shut the fuck up, the source engine is horrible, no way would i be able to grab a welded prop in real life and pull it then it flings back, the physics are basic, they are OK but they need such more improovment so for all you garrysmod noobs, i have had alot of experience in the physics idc what you people think or say, if the chain would be laggy then dont invent it otherwise make it, either way, stop posting on this thread, its done

You clearly don’t have an idea what you’re talking about, it’s a video game, it’s not fucking real life, it can’t be as perfect as you would like it.

Wait you’re telling us to invent a chain

Post your degree in physics or shutup.

Haha, excellent comeback :v: