Chain Link Fences

Just a quick idea. Why not add chain link fences? Act just like high external stone and wood walls but cost metal fragments, can be seen through and cut with wire cutters. I personally think the high external walls should come without barbed wire and can be added on separately.

I like this idea, would make things look a bit better too than just big stone compounds all over and adds a new level of base design. I’d make them c4 proof and took proof but add in wire cutters. Got to slowly cut your way through but the cutters would be cheap (couple of hqm metal) so the trade off is easy to get in but takes time and you’re vulnerable and exposed while you cut.

I don’t think it should be explosive proof as the raiders would have to decide between ‘wasting’ explosives and going in fast or taking their time with wire cutters. It would add in an element of tactics.

But I do agree with tool proof, more or less. In my opinion it shouldn’t be fully tool proof but if you were going to try and destroy it with an axe, it would just be a pain and take time, hitting each piece of wire. Wire cutters would just be a quicker but still take some time. And yes, a couple of HQM seems fitting.

I agree with your idea about making the stone walls without barbed wire, having to upgrade stone and wood walls for that matter would force people to think a bit more, eg - do I want to use my metal frags on these walls or should I craft a revolver to protect myself instead? You could also have it so you need to collect the upgrades so not every man and his dog has high stone walls that are seriously op as they are.

I don’t think it would people think more. Frags are so easy to get you could just make a revolver and all the barbed wire. Despite that, fuck revolves, they are so shit in my opinion. I’ll just stick to bows and crossbows until I get better guns.

I like the idea of actually collecting the parts to craft something but only for high tier items. Like they have done with the auto turret which needs the CCTV camera and targeting computer from the heli. But if they were to do this for everything there would be so many items in the game that it just wouldn’t work, if you get what I mean.

maybe just have it so u can upgrade them with repair hammer then. And yeah the revolver is shit I don’t even know why I used that as an example as i don’t even use them, must be to early for my brain. But I was meaning early game when everyone has stone walls and hardly any metal frags, layer as u sag it’s no problem as most people end up starting to throw away metal frags if have stacks of like 50k plus.

External walls will be modular at some point, they’re just in the game for now.

Kinda like the sheet metal version of external walls.

Cost 300 metal frags (not the default 500 due to the downsides)
Can be shot though, can not be passed,highly tool resistant,500 health (So 2 C4),no spikes at the top and same size as the external wood and stone wall.