Chain texture for rope tool

Don’t know why anyone hasn’t done it yet, or if they have I haven’t been able to find it. But yeah, if anyone out there ends up feeling like it, could you make a texture for the Rope tool that is a chain?

Random chain picture off Google Images.

I did try but I could never get it to work correctly, always looks horribly squashed and stretched :frowning: (and there is no way to fix it as far as I know as its to do with the length/width of your rope, which if its not as full thickness and very short its will look baaaad).

There is a decent chain texture built into HL2. You just have to edit the rope stool’s LUA code to include that texture as well. I’ll see if I can figure out how later on (read: when I get my comp back).

list.Add( "RopeMaterials", "cable/cable" )

(all the cable stuff must be the path to your texture)

Bung that in a Lua file in a lua/autorun folder, then it will show up in the rope/elastic/hydrolics tools.

Wheres this chain texture? I’ve searched the GCF (througherly) and not found it and I tried the M&M one and that wont even show propperly (no matter how I alter the VMT) and as I said my custom one just gets distorted horribly (and transparency didn’t work but I didn’t know about alpha channels back then)

Yeah I tried the chain texture too, but it just stretches it.

Hey Dean, you should try something like this

Theres not links to those though (and they wont work like rope) :frowning:

I searched and nothing in have been found. this is so** not **too good

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Damn, the chain textures was just getting cracked…