Chainsaw Concept

I’d like one of these please. Useful for gathering resources quickly, cutting through wood walls in seconds, stone walls in a minute, and dismembering your enemies. It’s heavy, loud, and slows you down so you better bring some friends!

EDIT: I updated it to have changeable blades, one for cutting through wood and one for cutting through stone or metal.

Very cool concept. it could be rare…

I like the idea of making you slow and kind of an easy target, but i don’t know how to feel about the demolishing capability, I was thinking maybe you can use it to cut through wood walls like butter but jackshit against stone walls. Also make it work with low grade fuel.

Yea, I’m not sure about the ability to go through stone either, but if you couldn’t use it to get through stone not sure what else it be worth using it on other than trees. Agree with the low grade fuel idea. Players could refuel while you while you use it also!

Maybe it could go through stone but they would ultimately break, rendering it useless (which could be bad, if the crafting cost is high)

If they were to add chainsaws, I would imagine they would mostly be used for cutting wood. However, they should also make it a gimmick defensive tool, as well, by allowing players to build slots into their walls, allowing one to chainsaw enemies near the walls of their home.

I don’t like the idea of motors in Rust, but what about a flamethrower and a backpack full of fuel. I want to be able to burn wooden structures.

Any particular reason as to why? Seems to me, that by going with the name Rust, and then looking at their concept work on the Trello account, that motors and the like are going to be exactly where the game is heading.

I remember a long time ago, that Garry was speaking of being able to eventually power one’s home, including the addition of alarm systems and similar. If that is what he is aiming for, still, then many variations of motors are more than likely going to be a concept thrown at us.

Yea, if you look on the Trello boards there’s plans for generators.

I’d rather see tools like this for raiding than C4. Would be awesome to saw through walls with this while having a couple of guys guarding you. Conversely, it would be thrilling to defend your base against this. The sounds of it outside and then the wall falls and this chainsaw guy comes crashing through a cloud of dust.

It could also be usefull if the Spike Walls ever get back in, to clear those before using other tools/C4 on the stone walls.

I’d prefer a Warhammer 40k Chain Sword used by the Space Marines

That is Rust as fuck. Badass idea!

hhahha nice concept :dance: :rock:

I really like this Idea! :zoid: :zoid: :zoid:

nice concept/idea but im not sure what is so ‘un rusty’ about a normal chainsaw. An electric one powered by a petrol generator thats strapped to your back seems a bit silly when you think about how a normal petrol chainsaw is powered.

Love it. Would love to lure a bunch of newmans into my base and then slaughter them.

That’s true. My thinking on this was that it’s a raiding tool rather than an offensive weapon. The backpack is there to balance out the power it would have. I envision it slowing the player down to compensate for the damage.

As far as the actual design, maybe the player couldn’t find an actual chainsaw. Instead they cobbled together some gears, wiring, a makeshift blade, and an old lawnmower engine.

Plus, a machine strapped to your back billowing smoke and feeding power to a Frankenstein chainsaw looks cool.

Oh, and I have more finished version I want to post, but I got banned and now I’m out of town so I’ll have to wait.

Yeah, it’s a game – who cares if a normal chainsaw would suffice? Frank’s is badass, and that makes it a winner.

Here’s a more polished version!

frankly the fun and fear this would cause in game is enough for me to fully support the chainsaw massacre rust style movie i would make.