Chair problem

Ok, so I finally figured out Spacebuild and Life support, so I decided to make a small exploration ship (nothing special, just to test it all).

But I have a problem, when I put the chair in the ship and get on it, and the get off it, I appear above the chair (like 2 meters above). This is a problem because the roof of the ship is low (about 2 meters). Which means that when I get out of the chair, I get stuck in the roof (outside the ship). I have have this problem with other things too (helis, for example).

But the weird thing is that when I spam a chair outside of everything (free chair) and sit on it and then get out I appear 2 meters to the right of the chair (not above). Why?

Can anyone help me? How do you guys solve this problem? (of solvable).


Give yourself more room to the right of the chair.

I thought of that and put the chair all the way to the left of the ship (so there was a good 2 meters between the chair and the right wall). Same thing happened.

Also, when I was making the heli, there were no walls next to the chair (expect for behind where the heli’s mechanism where), and the same thing still happened.

ah OK there’s a prop that should say something in the entaits file that says some thing like chair position or something like exiting position weld to the CHAIR make invisible and when you exit you will spawn there

p.s don’t know if it will work T.T …worth a try

Use a vehicle exit point entity, included in SBEP.


huh? I don’t know what you mean.


I’m not sure what that is. I’m what you would call a noob.

I just made a quick Google search on what an SBEP is and got that that means “Spacebuild Enchantment Pack”. Is that something I have to download? Or does it come with it? If so, how do I get to it? If not, where do I get it (preferably in SVN form)?

Thanks in advance.

SPACE BUILD (enhancement pack)! It is a bunch of models and a few entities/vehicles (and some weapons) that are great for Space Build stuff

Assuming he doesn’t know jack shit about SVN:
Go here:

Thanks guys!

EDIT: but there’s one problem. In the Q menu, some of the new props that came with the SBEP say “error” instead of a pic. Is that normal?

I do see the word “Alpha” in the SVN link. Does that mean it is in the Alpha state?