Chair vehicles, my player just stands.

Hello there,

My question is that whenever I spawn a chair vehicle and I press E to sit in it, it works and everything, except my guy will only stand in it (like he is in the combine prisoner transporter). Is this a glitch and is there any way of fixing it?

Thanks for your help.

is it a PHX chair?

It’s a chair that came with the official Gmod update a few weeks back.

Is it all the chairs, or just one?

it is all of the chairs. it is not affecting the jalopy, hover craft or other cars

This happens to me on Servers, but not offline- I think it’s something to do with the Map you’re playing on-

Have you tried all the other maps?

when i dup a chair from phx i am stand in it like a pod how can i fix this ?

Use the PHX Airboat Seat.

Phx has glitchy chairs

It happens when I save/load and get in a chair or adv dupe then get in a chair.

Okay, let’s clear things up.
If you Advance Duplicate a chair, and then load it, the animation WILL be screwed up.
There’s nothing you or I can do except wait for an update.

OP is maybe using a model without a sitting pose. Any from Half-Life 2 should, but CS, DOD and anything else won’t.

i made a scripte to fix the animation error :smiley:

it only happens on chairs without legs. if the plac that your legs go is underground or in another object, you will stand. sorry for no solution though.