Chakram model request.

Well, I’ve looked for a while and I cannot seem to find it.
I am requesting a chakram. (In my opinion, the coolest weapon ever.)

This is Axel’s Chakram from KH2.
I would be very thankful if anyone could model this.
(I want this to be a weapon, but that’s another thread. xD)

Chakrams are for queers and lesbos.


Thank you for the wonderful help. >.>

It’s a real weapon though: (granted the KH one is a bit rediculous).

Yeah and the link revealed something for the OP too.

Well, wind and fire wheels are used in Tai Chi.
So they are not for queers.
But Axel is, so I’ve entered in to a paradox.

medrop released the kingdom hearts 2 chakrams its in the first kingdom hearts WIP thread.

Oh god I just nostalgia’d.