'Chalk Four en route to Wolcott crash site'

So Ninja Nub and I both edited the same pic and then smashed them together in hopes of getting one great pic. I think it worked out pretty well. C&C, as always, is appreciated.



[SUB]Full Size:[/SUB]


[SUB]My Boring Edit:[/SUB]

[SUB]Ninja’s Sexy Fun Time Edit, Dub Edition:[/SUB]

man those L4D NG models have some flat bumpmaps

pic’s pretty good and the blood’s shitty. what’s going on above the rightmost soldier’s foot tho?


Mild case of trenchfoot in the past. But it’s all fixed up now, partially.

Didn’t blend in the layer of smoke. My mistake.

Posing on the Delta Force guy or whatever they’re called is really good.

Good job. Black Hawk Down is one of my favorite movies