[Challenage] Unraidable Base ! Come and try to raid it !

Server: [US] Oxide Creative Mode 1.16b (type/kit) *3/3/14


Type “/ztp buildarea3” once you joined the server and you will see my building

Type “/kit” to spawn anythings you need

Show screenshot here if u successfully raided it






Storage Room


spending a million wood to create a base that can hold 2 storage crates in its loot room… wot

im just tired that people keep saying there r no such unraidable base so i build one

Will i spend so much wood to build it on normal server? No i wont

but is it unraidable ? idk you tell me

Looks fairly easy to raid.

raiders don’t raid for the loot these days. they do it for kicks.

Spawn tons of C4 and I’m done…

You can’t possibly build an unraidable base unless you were to exploit building inside of a rock.

well lets me change it a bit
unraidable for legit players , yeh?
And you are right , i would just build inside rock on normal server , the only unraidable base against hackers

And even then every kid who tries to build in one after seeing that youtube video doesn’t know how to build up inside of it so you can’t just get your own sleeping bags in there.

The amount of rocks I’ve gotten into as a new spawn to find bases with no walls or roofs and just stockpiled with LSC’s is hilarious

I have been at this base for 1½ hours…

My final evaluation is:

It is, with the current content and build mechanics ‘‘physically’’ (without hacks) impossible to obtain the loot from the loot room of this building design. It is however possible to: Build a stairway up the side of the building to the roof, jump across the pillars onto the small ceiling, and place C4 ontop of the ceilings to let the damage from the c4 pass trough the ceiling, destroying the doorway, and then from the stairs throw grenades into the loot room, destroying the loot and sleeping bag, hereby rendering the base un-useable by the owner. However the amount of c4 require to destroy the doorway trough the ceiling is so high that this is very unlikely to be done by your average griefer/enemy. (50 c4 ±)


How can owner get inside lol

It is suicide entry which IMO is cheating. Using game mechanics to gain an edge does not constitute normal behavior therefore the base should not exist. I have just successfully raided your base without even stepping foot on your server. Where is my cookie!!

Game mechanics = cheating lel
You heard it here first lads

I do not understand your point.


The word Using should be switched with Abusing.

Otherwise you are saying ‘‘using WASD to move, is cheating’’

I’il invite my hacker friend and see what will happen :v:

I would just run by daily and shoot down the large storage boxes till they where destroyed. Replacing them would look like a pain. Also it wouldn’t surprise me if they eventually make it so you have to be on the same level as the storage box to loot, or reduce the distance at which you can open a storage box.

That looks pretty Challenageing. One day someones gonna think of a 100% unraidable base, everyones gonna get the design for it, and the games gonna stop being fun. Thats gonna be a sad day.

I can raid this and will prove it tonight after school. Although you were very, very, very close to building a completely unraidable base. We just took one down on another server, although it was a real public server, where they picked a bad build spot and thus left an opening. However, my raid will take 2 people and a little time. So I may have to wait for a friend to help me. And the reason not everyone would build bases like this (suicide bases) is it takes forever to get your stuff in, you always have to suicide in no matter what and a lot of the time the spot people pick has 1 square they cant build and they are SOL. I mean imagine raiding someone and 5 of you have full invetories 3 times. Now all of you have to jump and put your stuff into 1 box 1 at a time suicide up take the stuff out and repeat.

I can get in I think. I’ll hop on later and give it a shot. how high is the bottom floor of the core?