Change a Selection of a func_detail to World Geometry?

I’ve been wondering if it were possible to take a selection of a multi-part func_detail (using ‘Ignore Groups’) and make it part of world geometry again.

Simply selecting the brushes I want to change in the func_detail and hitting CTRL+T doesn’t seem to work.

Select ToWorld to untie it from an entity, and ToEntity to tie it to an entity. CTRL+T being the ToEntity shortcut.

Fun story: It took me about two years to actually test and see what those buttons did, because some asshole on here told me there wasn’t a way to transfer the entity back to world after CTRL+T’ing it when I was just learning. Fun times.

It doesn’t seem to be working. Can you tell me step by step what to do? There must be a setting I need to change because I have no idea why this isn’t working.

Only way for me to move the part I want to the World is to move the entire func_detail to World. Every time I do so all of the decal overlays I have on the thing need to have the face they are on re-picked or else they disappear on compile.

Add that to the fact my I combined all of my func_details in one huge one that encompases my entire map and you can see the problem.

This is what I am doing:

  1. Turn on ‘Ignore Groups’ or alternatively hit the ‘Solids’ button in the ‘Select:’ menu. (tried both)
  2. Select the brush I want to move to World in the func_detail I want to change.
  3. Hit the ToWorld Button or alternatively CTRL+SHIFT+W (tried both)
  4. Highlighted part becomes un-highlighted. I HAVE HOPE!
  5. Turn off ‘Ignore Groups’ or hit ‘Groups’ button in ‘Select:’ menu.
  6. Select the brush I tried to move.
  7. It is still a part of the original func_detail.
  10. Cry.
  11. Contemplate all the failures I had in life.
  12. Eat large quantities of ice cream and pudding.
  13. Cry some more.

You get the idea. Help.

On another note: the ‘Tools > Align Objects’ and ‘Flip Objects’ never seem to want to work.

I just use ctrl+ I and ctrl + L for the flipping.

I tried that on various brushes and objects but no good. The menu for ‘Align’ and ‘Flip’ aren’t grayed out but the selections within them are.

This is very annoying.

Select all the brushes you want to be func_detail (with solids selected in select box)
ctrl + x
select the brushes you want to change to world
ctrl + shift + W
ctrl + v
re-allign detail brushes. Done.

**Edit : ** If all else fails, just have only func_details show under your visgroups, move everything to world then manually re-detail.

Just tried cutting and pasting the brush I wanted to change (while ‘Ignore Groups’ was active) and guess what it worked. I’ll have to move the brush to where I want it but it’s World geometry now.

Seriously, I hope they fix this in the Source2 SDK.