Change angle to point to players position

Hello guys!

Been tryin around with cam3d2d

cam.Start3D2D(pos, angle, 0.2)
		draw.DrawText( ply:GetName(), "DermaLarge", 0, 0, Color(10, 255, 255, 150), TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER )

position is easy but angle? I want the angle to point to my position (LocalPlayer():GetPos()) or even better LocalPlayerEyes (or how its called, basically the camera pos)


angle = (pos - EyePos()):Angle()

Might need to swap pos and EyePos(), or/and add a - (minus sign) in front of the ():Angle().

Should work. If not, mess around with this.

oh damn, i forgot about that! .-. thanks for reminding me!