Change audio output


I currently play with headphones and speakers. By default, the sound’s game are from the speakers, no option to change this in the game config. Do you have a tip?


The game doesn’t choose audio output channel, your audio drivers do that, dig around in your audio settings.
Would help if you tell us your OS, audio hardware and what drivers you use.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I use Windows 8.1:

By default, all OS sound (games, music, browser, etc) are on my speakers.
I use my headset with mic (Siberia V2) only for TeamSpeak (Listen & Speak).

I can set my headset as default device, but it will change all my applications settings.

I heard you change the in-game VOIP setting in Steam as the game uses those settings.
Unfortunately, Steam settings don’t have an option for VOIP output sound so you can set your headset as a communication device like Windows does. So you can’t have in-game VOIP come through the headset while still having game sounds come through the speakers like you can when using TeamSpeak.

One thing to keep in mind is that in-game VOIP is just that - in-game. All audio is mixed down to a single output stream (which may have multiple channels, but that’s just for dual speakers or surround sound). Since VOIP and in game sounds are not separate audio streams, they both have to go to the same output device. The reason you could route Teamspeak to a different output device is because Teamspeak is a separate application than the game - therefore they each have a separate audio stream, which can each be routed to different speakers.