[Change] Balance the "Military Grade" Weapons

Well I’m not a fan of the guns in this game so far to be honest, they cause massive fps drops and when you get a gun bigger than a pistol there is no skill involved its way too easy to gank everyone.

That being said since they are in the game I would like to see them balanced out more especially sense they are adding crossbows ( also a fuckin rocket launcher… )

Changes that could/should be made to balance out the weapons:

  1. Make Assault Rifle Burst Fire/more recoil and make it use a bana clip system , this means 15 bullets are shot then you have to reload to shoot the other 15, then “reload for real to get a new banana clip”

  2. Limit Bolt Action to 2 Bullets per clip

  3. Limit Pump Shotgun to 4 instead of 6 in the clip

  4. I like the new changes to the thompson already balanced.

  5. Make sure crossbow is balanced ( rate of fire, reload speed, range, damage )

  6. make sure Rocket Launcher is not stupid as fuck

  7. Make guns not drop your fps to 0 when you are in a gun fight.

  8. Make the Eoka pistol actually useful… maybe make it so the eoka has more damage?

  • possibly maybe ill just make this a mod *
  1. Possibly make it so you cannot craft Military guns, IE AK, Bolt, Pump, Rocket Launcher, Thompson, (only allowed real rust ranged weapon blueprints: Pipe, Revolver, Eoka, Bow, Crossbow, blow dart , rock sling, bola etc)

Yeah sure, let’s turn rust into Rifle Reloader 2k15

so this is your typical, i want this to be done because i cant handle anything else thread

Just going to tangent with your eoka pistol suggestion. Yes I do think they need to do more damage. Its not even worthwhile to use as an anti wild animal device at the moment. Better off using the spear non stop.

By this I mean the time it takes to shoot it, then pull out the spear and kill it takes more time than just spearing it to death.