Change color of the smoke particles overtime whilst damaging buildings

What I mean by this is when you are hitting a building (e.g Wall) there will be smoke coming out. It could be used as feedback to the player of how close they are to taking a level of the wall down.

So say I was hitting a level 5 wall (Full strength) The smoke would start off green and gradually turn yellow then orange then red to signify the wall has almost dropped a tier.

This would repeat again for level 4 starting with green.

With all the game breaking bugs, the horrible balance, the desynching, the ease of griefing and the trash netcode; this is really your biggest complaint? Really?

Who said this is a complaint? It is a request. Complaining about bugs would be stupid seeing as though this is an alpha build.

This is an alpha build. Recommending trivial suggestions is stupid. Fixing game breaking bugs is much more important.

This is the reason I didn’t post this in the “Bug report section” Retard. Obviously you are having a bad day and/or have a stick up your arse. Simmer down Sally.

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I think hey this would be a cool idea, I put it in as a suggestion… That is all.

How was he complaining? He was simply giving a suggestion, he never even mentioned it being a complaint.

Ergh… I jut checked his posts they are all pretty much complaining about new rust and just general butthurt lol.

There already is a way to see how far along you are when chopping down walls.

Before you start chopping, make a note of how much wood, stone, and metal are in your inventory. Each level of wall will give up 9 resources as you chop it down. Just keep track of how much you harvest from the wall and that will tell you how much further you have to go.

^This. Seriously I’ve been playing this game since very close to the beginning. I’ve noticed it do nothing but keep getting progressively worse. People are AOE instakilling everyone, FP decides it’s a great time to make the night sky look prettier. People are ESPing and glitching through walls? FP decides to add a durability system.

The reason alpha exists is to build a GAME from the ground up. You make a playable game and THEN add in graphical effects and mechanics. How about make an experience that isn’t absolutely miserable to deal with where you aren’t getting exploited, griefed, and hacked after spending hours of work playing? I know this is alpha. We are not paid play testers. This game has been in alpha for nearly 2 YEARS. How about focusing just a little bit on making it playable? It’s your fucktarded mentality that incites the devs to spend time in to absolutely pointless shit where they could be making a game.

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Oh and do you want to know why me and hundreds of other people have been complaining? Because the game we purchased 13 months ago was an incredibly fun, revolutionary, and playable game. It had a few glitches and performance issues, but it was about 50x better than this. That was the alpha we invested in.

If you don’t like the game don’t play you little bitch, you act as if the game cost SOOO MUCH MONEYYYY. Seriously. There is a suggestion feature for a reason. Would you rather my suggestion be.

“Hey please fix the bugs you guys are obviously already working on as we speak and while you are there can we pretend like this will take away all your time doing important shit”

Suggestions are here to suggest features, usually game devs will think off suggestions and jot them down for future reference after they have the base game completed.

Get the fucknig sand out of your vag kiddo. And the old rust was a pile of shit, One single generated map, easily made unraidable houses… You seriously do not know what Alpha means do you -.- Especially in a game that has been pretty much 100% remade. You still have the choice to play the old rust so why are you bitching here?

You must be either 14 or mentally retarded. You would never take that tone with me IRL. Don’t do it behind your monitor. I understand you haven’t hit puberty yet. It’s ok. You have no argument. That’s fine don’t be mad. You didn’t even attempt to counter a single one of my arguments. “It’s alpha” so was legacy. “You dont have to play it”, well I payed for it, I’d like to, $20 doesn’t mean shit to me but the premise of the game was awesome and I’d like to see it come to fruition. "Unraidable bases’? Raiding in the new rust is a matter of running out naked with a hatchet and afking for 45 mins at a time with a weight on your mouse. So much fun. Please learn to debate before you ever step to me again child.

jesus you two, get a room.

we can have a discussion without waving our cocks around surely. especially since one of you is about my age, and should know better than to be goaded into making threats over the internet.

let’s not derail. his suggestion is he would like to see colored smoke to let him know how much damage has been done to the wall/window/whatever. there is/was a basic system in place where the next wall would gradually build up/break down, letting you have a visual cue of how much health that level has left. may have just been a trial, because i don’t think it’s there anymore.

No. He was make a reasonable suggestion in a constructive tone. Serious bug fixing can come after we have conceptual ideas nailed down – and I like his idea.

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They’re building a game – so why would any team refine each iteration? You don’t understand the development process, and that’s fine, but you should probably keep your child-like whining inside your tiny, child-like head. Oh, and just to note – you didn’t “invest” in Rust. You purchased an incomplete game that included a warning that everything might change.

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You’re precious. You derail a thread with hyper-aggressive idiocy and then get upset when somebody offers you the same – upset enough to insinuate the potential for real life violence. If I assumed you were a child before, I can be certain about it now.

It’s a $20 video game guys. Calm down.

You’re a total clown. Facepunch could spend the next six months putting in ballerina shoes for your character and you would find some asinine way of defending it. $20 doesn’t mean anything to me. Watching a game that I liked manage to progressively get worse for over a year because morons like this guy keep making pointless suggestions and tools like you constantly defend a developer that has no idea what in the hell it’s doing. I’ve played several alphas before. I’m in the hero’s of the storm alpha now. This is the only game I’ve ever played where the developer prioritizes a pretty sky over rampant hacking, and frog boots over making the game playable.

Then go make something better man, jesus. Show Facepunch how it’s done.

No – they had a framework that was almost complete but with severe limitations that made the project considerably harder with far worse end prospects. FP chose instead to start over from near-scratch to overcome those limitations. They’ve had to deal with switching to a new engine (one that itself was in its beginning stages), and a host of other issues on top of all of this, that, once surpassed, will lead to a far better game experience than the original could have ever offered. It just takes time to get there, and to expect each iteration to be playable to the extent you seem to just proves what an impatient mongoloid you are.

If you’re upset about pace? Read more. They’re testing and modifying systems constantly, making huge strides in a relatively short span of time. If you’re upset because there are assets in the game that you feel are less important? Learn how this shit works. Animators and artists have little role in basic game systems. Those frog boots didn’t slow down the development of the game by any noticeable amount, because the majority of the work done on them was completed by a team with different expertise. Nailing down a pretty sky that consumes considerably fewer resources, though, does contribute towards a better experience for the end user right this second, while also checking that off the list for the future.

So here it is – you’re a whining little child who wants what he wants right this second, who will flail around and find shit to blame when you don’t get your way. And by the way, I’ve played a large number of alphas as well, and they always move like this. Sometimes when the community turns toxic like this one (and you’re a great example of this), people just abandon work on that project. I know it’s hard to understand (because you’re the kind of person whose lips move when you read to yourself), but this is fucking game development. Grow up. If you’re unhappy with the project as it stands, move on.

i suppose this will teach me not to expect some kind of maturity from people my age.

donkey, you need to stop thinking your insults and threats mean anything. if you don’t like the pace of this game, that’s fine. but constantly exposing yourself to something you obviously dislike is not only masochistic, but downright stupid; as is attacking someone making suggestions for new elements for the game on the rust discussion forum.

play something else for a few months, come back and see what changes. your money isn’t going anywhere, and neither are the developers. i’ve been watching them rebuild for the last 6 months, and it is moving far more rapidly then you seem to give them credit for. try reading through the first 10-15 devblogs to see exactly what they have done to get it this far.