Change facepunch image in laoding screen

Hello, i love garrys mod, it enables you to make so many changes, it is very cool, I was wondering if it is possible to change that image that appears in the facepunch loading.

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Wrong Section …

Go here
or here if you want to moan for this to be a feature

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Sorry i new member :(.

No excuse , look around before posting this is a sticky in this section , also read the rules

Do you mean loading screen?

Yes, loading screen.
I searched the folders, found all the game images, background etc, just did not think this.

Right, gotcha

Do you run a server and you’re trying to change the loading screen for that, or for local singleplayer stuff?

Local things, I had an idea for a game and to making up the garrys mod, just to test, then I create a own engine, the more I wanted to change the first loading screen that appears facepunch studios.

Thanks for you time.