Change Gamemode through server console while in sandbox?

Is there any way to be in a GMod sandbox server as the owner and change the gamemode to say, Zombie Survival, through the server console? I’m using a steamcmd server with a bat file, and the only tutorials i have seen have shown me how to do so by editing the start.bat file. Shouldn’t there be an easier way to startup a different gamemode using a command? Trying to be able to quickly change gamemodes while in game without having to edit server files. Any advice is appreciated!

I’m also wondering how to restart a dedicated server and have all clients reconnect. Keep using the quit command and obviously it’s getting annoying for people to reconnect evertime I restart the server.

Type gamemode “whatever” in console, then change the map.

Just solved both my questions, thanks! (:

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where should i put the gamemode though? in my addons directory with an info.txt?

Last edit and question, how would I have clients join with preset weapons and stools, weapons, prop restrictions? b/c i spawn with sbox weapons and q menu abilities, which is a problem.

Put the Gamemode into the Gamemode folder, in there you should see Sandbox, base, terrortown, and your gamemode’s folder. As for the second question that is going to involve some lua coding.

P.S. It’s not info.txt anymore, it’s addon.txt. We aren’t living in the 1900s anymore.

You can change the server with a command if you have the ulx add-on installed on your server.