Change grid units to inches?


maps -> units -> feet + inches

It seems like it shows the character model dimensions though, where 1 foot = 12 units.
For architecture and props 1 foot = 16 units.

Get him Microsoft Visio instead. It’s pretty great for basic engineering.

1 Hammer unit is 1 inch.

That would mean 12units = 1 foot. When in Reality it’s **16units=1foot. **

1 Hammer Unit = 0,75 Inches

It really depends on the Source Game you’re mapping for (eg. most L4D characters and props are slightly bigger than the HL2 ones, in this case it’s probably around 1HU = 1" )

But since it’s only for architectural purposes your dad should go with 1HU = 1" because when converting from inches to hammer units a lot of stuff will be off-grid (and Hammer doesn’t like that), Hammer isn’t really suited to be a CAD program anyways.

Probably in Violation of the EULA somewhere using hammer commercially.

I suggest something like buying sketchup for quick mock ups (anything you’d do in hammer, hammer doesn’t have the required levels of precision since you are limited to the grid) or for something more serious, depending on what he’s doing, something like Solidworks/AuoCAD (3D/2D programs)

he isnt going to sell the designs. just use it to show people what there house will look like beforehand.

Get AutoCAD for this shit, My dad did his own designs for our house extension, saved us a shit load of money instead of getting a professional to do them.

my dad doesn’t really need to hire a professional. seeing as he is one. he just wanted to try to see if he can make designs with a computer. ill get him sketch up.

Sketchup. Much easier.

lol imperial

I don’t know why he would need to buy it, the free version of Sketchup is fine.

I haven’t read the EULA, I don’t know what their stance is on the use of it in a commercial environment. I know they’re happy with the free version in the home and educational environments.