change level not work

hi i make mod for portal.And i want make postion when level change.i create info_landmark on old and new level in this same place.and i create trigger_change_level when i play portal and i come to point when it must change level then it not change level and in console i got this message :

Level transition ERROR
Can’t find connection to Enter_01 from enter_02

please help.

Use proper grammar and I’ll help.

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He meant that you should learn how to spell things in english and actually how to properly build sentence.

Fact that you are polish doesn’t mean that you have to be some kind of dumb.
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Back to topic, Use console command entity, I forgot how it’s named.

Try a point_clientcommand that runs the “changelevel” command, and have it triggered by a “trigger once”
Please note: I am checking for the correct naming of the first entity.

Yeah I spelt that right.


Why would you say something like that? You can obviously understand him and it’s very rude.


Also make sure the enter_02 is in the map folder. You may have misplaced it. I do dumb shit like that all the time.