Change map depending on the time of the day.

Hi everyone,
While making a source engine time-lapse, I thought about the possibility to change maps depending on the time of the day.

First of all, the mapper compiles his map with different light_environment (0 ; -10 ; -20 etc.) and maybe with different skybox.
Then he (or another person, idk) makes a server with all of these maps and writes a script that changes map every hour (30 minutes ; 2 hours ; depending on mapper choice).

In result, we get a server with fully functional day and night time-lapse.

What do you think about this? Of course it’s easy to do, but since I am a mapper and not a coder, I’m sure I will have problems with making this :slight_smile:

You could use the same map bsp, just changing stuff server side depending on the time of day. The skybox and lighting env can be changed afaik

You mean vrad can be compiled in real-time :open_mouth: ?

That reminds me of an old thread…
Unfortunately the download link for it is broken

No, all the different states of the light_environment are compiled when you first compile the map as normal, then the ambient and lightmap stuff is faded between in-game. As a result, it means the compiler has to do an ungodly number of light_environments and so takes forever.

And the overall effect isn’t really that great anyway.