Change Model and Texture Dir

This may be the wrong thread, but it has to do with models. Any admin can feel free to move it.

I am trying to completely reorganize the FA:S 2 Alpha SWEP pack for my server. I only need certain weapons, and I’m using custom world models for the one’s I am keeping. The problem is that currently all the files are thrown into one folder, same for their respective materials.

I want to create new folders for each weapon, with it’s w_models and v_models in separate folders. Then I want to mirror that in the materials directory so everything is easy to find.

The models look for their materials in a specific place. I need a way to edit the models so they look for their materials in a different folder.

Here is an example.

model --> material is looks for

models\weapons\w_glock.mdl --> materials\models\weapons\myturk\w_glock18.vtf

I want to change it to this.

models\weapons\pistols\glock18\w_glock18.mdl --> materials\models\weapons\pistols\glock18\w_glock18.vtf

If you have a link to a tutorial, or could write a detailed description of what I am supposed to do that would be greatly appreciated. If you need more details just let me know. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

You need to change the folder it searches for in the qc file which you can do if you decompile it or have the source files during compiling. Once you do that you would need to compile it again.

Is there no other way to do it?

I have heard about HEXing a model, and being able to change certain properties.

You could hex it, but imo, decompiling is easier.

Decompiling is easier than hexing? Well in that case if anyone has a link or can write a short tutorial on how to decompile a model that would be great.

I know of a tool called Crowbar which is new, many people say it’s good for decompiling because it’s being updated. As opposed to any other decompiler.


Dont bother decompiling cause recompiling will probably fuck it up. Honestly hex editing is easy and takes like five mins.

One person said Hex was easier, one person said decompiling was easier. Neither one of you posted any sort of helpful links or anything.

Useful links for decompiling + hexing

But seriously, you can google a tutorial for both. If you are going to decompile, use Crowbar. The program is very self-explanatory.