Change of Mind

Just quoting from the Dev blog

This change was awesome. Not everything needs to be like real life. The previous system was fucking irritating as hell.

I for one hope this happens with more things within the game.

Playing rust shouldn’t be a chore. We play games to get away from that shit.

yeah the hammering was a little bit much. glad they removed that.

I miss my bow though. The one thing they nailed in rust legacy, if anything, was the bow.

you still need to hammer tho right thats not in this weeks update

yes i miss the bow its been nerved now, i dont even bother with it.

I guess I’m one of the 1% who thought the hammering was entirely appropriate. You’re building a house made of wood, reinforcing it with stone, then reinforcing it with metal. It SHOULD be a chore. It should be the biggest fucking chore of the game to make a base that takes between 30 minutes and 6 hours to raid without glitches. It should be the kind of thing people finish halfway and then compromise and hope it’s good enough until they come back and finish it later.

Nothing you ever do in a video game should feel like a chore, even if it is realistic. As long as the time investment for the buildings are the same, I’d much rather spend that time running around avoiding players over creeping along my wall smacking it with a hammer endlessly.

By the same justification, I would prefer to be shooting people rather than smacking trees and rock piles over and over again to get resources. Yet these things take time and effort as a way to enhance the effects of progress and increase the potential for player interaction for the duration of the process. Because the reductio alternative is either a 10X resource server littered with useless skyscrapers, or a “warkit” server where you’re provided everything you need upon login.

Farming BP drops? Also feels like a chore. Maybe the complaint is that hitting walls involves propping something against your mouse button and farming blueprints often involves armed combat. Maybe if architecture in Rust was a bit more involved, there was more that went into making walls and ceilings that could be personalized for tactical reasons… maybe that would make it less of a chore?

Awesome to see things moving forward and even more awesome that the latest Blog clearly demonstrates that Garry and his team are reading the forums and taking what people are saying onboard.

Thank you.

I agree with the player interaction, that’s why i think it’s better to increase resource cost of buildings and decrease hammer time. That way you would have the option to either farm yourself or hunt other players for resources, instead of sitting inside your house hammering away.

My opinion is advanced tools such as guns Etc. should be extremely expensive to make. Then decrease build time and increase resources a bit so that players need to actually play and put effort in before just running around with a spear and some wood to grief/troll/cause misery and raid others.

Raiding is part of the game, but these vacant punks who jump in, grab a few thousand wood, make a hammer/blueprint and a spear, then run around camping outside bases and harassing folks to open up or grieving them in if they don’t should not be part, and it should be extremely hard for them to be able to grief (they call it raiding).

Those are all done in ways that don’t come off as boring to players. Smacking the same wall 50 times before moving on to the next square is really boring after you’ve done it a couple times prior. I would be happy with either hammer upgrades that upgrade much faster, or like I previously stated, just make the challenge in finding the resources instead of the actual construction.