Change (or remove) that ugly sound when "waking up" with armor

As you maybe noticed, when you log in and you were a sleeper with an armor, you can hear that UGLY sound of a bag packing up (same as when dying). And if you have a full armor, you hear it amplified FOUR TIMES.
Is it possible to change or remove this sound?

i´m wearing full armor and heard it only once.I have no idea why you heard it 4 times

That’s the sound of your armor being put on or being taken off.

Well if you see the Sleepers laying there,they wearing the Armor.So the Question is why this sound is needed if the Armor wont take off?
I mean,if you log off and the armor would take off so you sleep naked,than it would be ok.But if you never take off your armor,the sound is not needed

This shouldn’t be removed I don’t think because if you think about it you make a sound when your get out of bed, your clothes ruffle so it makes the game a bit realistic in a sense. But it’s the same sound when armor is being taken off so even if when you fall on the floor you are in full armor it’s sort of like taking it off when you sleep and then putting it on when you come back.

Ok Realism is nice,i agree.But if i sleep in my clothes and stand up,it wont sounds like a Zipper :wink:

So then dont remove the sound,but change it.Not just yet cause is not impossible,but it would be nice

This is not the noise you make while getting up from bed… there is no need to “defend” the game issues, it still in alpha development, of course this noise will be removed. What is the point of being killed and the clothes unzipping and flying away making this song? Is probably a glitch, but there are a lot of other important things to do by now, thats why they didn’t focused on that, probably.


Its much better replace it with a yawn noise when you wakeup and a “groan” when you dies, for example.

I don’t wear pants.

That sound is music to my ears… it means my sleeper hasn’t been killed.

If you sleep in a sleeping bag however you might need to unzip to get up. Problem solved. Realism +1

You don’t sleep in a bed, you sleep in a sleeping bag.

Like this?

Ok maybe not like a sheep,but the Screaming is awesome for a painful death xD

Which don’t have any zipper. Also, following your logic, why when you fall asleep anywhere (even without sleeping bags) the noise stills playing?