Change Phys Files of the L4D Common Infected and Survivors

Is this possible?
Because the TF2 better Phys Models are easy as shit to pose compared to the L4D Models. It would make creating L4D G-Mod poses much easier(and the Common Infected have stiff arms, maybe that could be fixed).
Just asking since I dont think it would be that much work.

Thanks in advance Facepunch!

They use the same bone names as the citizens and pretty much everything with a human body type in Half-Life 2. Have you tried copying the .phy of like a citizen and making it replace the infected’s?

Didnt tried that out yet since Im a complete idiot regarding those things.
The only thing I can is pose and edit derp. But you think its possible to just replace those?

You literally just drag and drop a file, then rename it. That’s it.