Change player footstep sound.

I want to change standart player sounds, like fall sound, hurt sound and etc for all players, without addons, what change ingame sounds. But I didn’t know how to do this. (Footsteps already changed)

Easiest is

-super late-

Erm, how to change fall sound or player hurt sound? Or mute it? Also I take problem

SV_StartSound: player/walk1.wav not precached (0)

but I prechached it.

local MoveSound = {

for _, sound in pairs(MoveSound) do

Called from GM:PlayerFootstep(ply,pos)

EmitSound( Sound(table.Random(MoveSound)), pos, ply:EntIndex(), CHAN_AUTO, volume, 75, 0, math.random(95,105) )

Also try prechache from console, but not works;(

I fix this problem by usage ent:EmitSound