Change Player Name

Hey there, I’d like to know if there is a way to change another player’s in-game name, and how to do it if there is. I have 5 bots that I send into the server (just using the bot command) and people, myself included, like just killing them, and having them shoot back and respawn to kill again. But having Bot01, bot02, bot03, etc is boring and annoying, so I’d like to change their names. Is this possible?

I’ve googled and can’t find anything. Bump for someone who does know.

I googled it also.

I know there is a mod out there (or maybe its just for CSS) that does this because I was playing CSS when someone did change a players name. I’ll tell you if i find anything.


Just found this

It is admin only.

Thanks, but that command did not work. :frowning:

Try running it from the console in-game.

Hm, no… That didn’t work either, is this command associated with a plug in I don’t have perhaps?

  1. It’s from mani admin mod
  2. you can’t run commands on bots like that

Aw, crap. Any suggestions, then?

Bump for suggestions

what program are you using?

You mean for the server? I’m using HLDS.