Change Primary & Secondary Attack

Hello i need a little help, ive tryed searching but didnt find anything.

I have a hand SWEP and i was wondering if its possible to make 4 “options”
so you can do PrimaryAttack, SecondaryAttack and so you can hold shift down and do PrimaryAttack, SecondaryAttack
and it does something else. I know its SWEP:PrimaryAttack but what is it if you need to hold shift down and primaryattack ive just tryed something like SWEP:Shift,PrimaryAttack but ofcurse thats not correct.

here is an example:

PrimaryAttack does: so you hit with hands
SecondaryAttack does: so you hit with hands

Shift+PrimaryAttack does: so you do something else
Shift+SecondaryAttack does: so you do something else

you could use this in an if statement inside your primary/secondary attack function.

Good idea but what is the name of the shift key is it just “Shift” ?
so something like this:

if( input.IsKeyDown(Shift)) then so it will be “IN_RUN”.

Oh okay.

so this should work:

if( input.IsKeyDown(KEY_LSHIFT)) then

Yeah, should work.

Thanks for helping ??? & freemmaann.