Change Resolution from Command Line?

I am unable to change any video settings because I can’t reach the Options button. When I start Rust the resolution is way too big. How can I change the res from the command line?

If you start Rust their is a window where you can change Resolution and if you want play Windowed or not.

There is no window. It goes straight to the “play rust” window. I assume options is hidden below “play rust”, and I can’t see it.

ehh ok.Thats a good question.

When you click play on steam the graphics settings appear. From there you can put it in window mode before the actual game starts

I am on Linux and there is no graphic settings screen.

there is graphics settings for linux with the latest Dev build when you opt into that from steam.

but for normal version go to :
~/.config/unity3d/Facepunch Studios/PlayRust/prefs