change scope "travel"?

i was wondering which piece of a lua file would be responsible for in-scope automatic movement.

i’m not all too familiar with lua coding, but i can do very basic things.

thanks in advance.

What the FUCK is in-scope automatic movement?


My guesses are:

The scope of “travel” in programming: illogical.
The movement of a scope when in zoom; partial information.

Wow you can click a link and get a picture… i really don’t understand why posting his twitter picture, be it his or not has anything to do with this?

on-topic i believe he is referring to a zoom scope/sniper scope.

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Back on rails:

Could the OP please explain or find examples of what they’re trying to accomplish.

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When in doubt, solve both problems:

You can’t change the scope of a variable after it’s been defined unless you set it to another variable with a higher scope.

Look for a line that says SetFOV on it. Changing the value to a lower one reduces the degrees the player can see, which will increase the distance it zooms. Higher values = farther away, lower values = farther in.

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You find two possible problems he needs to solve and fix neither. Rather, you post someone else’s twitter avatar. You could contribute much more than you are now.

Contribute to what? We don’t even know what the guy is talking about. I gave my guesses, get off my back.

sorry, i’m not really sure what to call it, but it’s when you are zoomed in with a sniper/scoped weapon and the gun is continually moving and changing where you are aiming, instead of staying perfectly still.

i need to know which piece of a LUA file is responsible for that.

Needs to be called serverside.

No. He’s talking about view bobbing. It has to do with weapon sway inertia.

You have to write and call a CalcView while zoomed in, and destroy it once it’s zoomed out.

Alternatively, create the CalcView on deploy, and destroy the hook on weapon drop/removal, and add an exceptional in the hook.


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I’d use random ViewPunches if I were him.

Although yes, it’s an alternative, it’s important to note, those give a sort of “snappy” view movement, rather than a “wavy” one.

function MyCalcView( ply, origin, angles, fov )
if !LocalPlayer().InScope then return end – Should I do the scope?
local view = {}
view.vm_angles = angles – Sway view model.
local a = math.sin(CurTime())/2
view.angles = angles + Angle(a, a, a) – Sway movement
view.fov = fov-50 – Add some zoom.
return view
hook.Add(“CalcView”, “MyCalcView”, MyCalcView)

Works nice.

Nice one zilla.