Change Sleeping Bag Mechanics

We got raided the other day. Whatever, shit happens ya know? The big problem though was how it went down in regards to our defense. It was only a couple of us trying to hold off four guys. They got their way up due to the usual bullshit climbing on shacks and barricades (there was a small section I missed when blocking with foundations). But once they were inside and in our stairwell up we tried fighting them off with grenades and guns. The problem was (which we found later looking around the base) was that they had placed MULTIPLE sleeping bags all around the base. So once they had died on one, they had a backup still nearby. We definitely killed them 3-4 times each but they kept coming at us via infinite respawns. What’s the point of having a timer on the sleeping bag if you can just spawn at another nearby? You should only get to respawn at a sleeping bag once every 4-5 mins and any death after that in that time frame is a forced random respawn.

I thought they already DID change it so you could only respawn at any owned sleeping bag once every 5 minutes with the addition of Beds, which function as sleeping bags used to but only in a non shelter with a ceiling.

Well as of yesterday at 3:30am, we were getting camped by what seemed like an infinite respawn from sleeping bags around our base.

Beds can be spawned on like sleeping bags used to. Sleeping bags now have a 4 minute gap and area differentiation.

Yeah, if I recall, it was a 4 min cool-down on a 100m radius?

Maybe the server you play on isn’t up to date?

They already changed it look here http://

100m isn’t that far a radius. Place enough of them around a 100m range? I don’t know I’ll have to ask if our server was up to date…

100m is like 10 foundations o.O