Change Spawn Weapons

So I just downloaded the Mad Cows 3.0 Beta SWEP base and found that I liked the weapons they included in that a lot more than the standard HL2 weapons (they have better animations and ironsights), and was wondering how I could change it so I would respawn with those instead. I think I read a way to do it on a map-by-map basis but I forgot how. Also if you know of a way to have it do that across all maps would be even better. Any help is appreciated.

I have a very related problem, so I’ll post it here.

I used to know a tiny bit about lua etc. but I’ve forgotten a lot, so bare with me.

I was trying to figure out how to do this as well, with a different goal, but essentially the same as what OP is trying to do. I remember modifying gamemodes\sandbox\gamemode\init.lua to do it, simply modifying some function or something with “loadout” in the name.

My problem with this is, I cannot for the love of me find init.lua for the sandbox gamemode. And the thing is, I’ve done it before a few years ago.

I’m assuming with updates etc. it has changed, so if anyone experienced can help out it would be great.

It’s in the .gcf, you can browse it here.

I’m assuming it’s just like any custom content, and if I paste it in its folder manually it will take priority over the .gcf one right?

In shared.lua do…

This should work for you just fine.