Change spawnpoints in map

I have a short question: How can I change the spawnpoints for players?

When I know that it’s good but this will be perfect:

Is it also possible that jobs spawn on different places? Example: The mayor spawns in his office and the citizen on street and the Rebel outside the city.

I use DarkRP (and I try to make that nice)

DarkRP has a built in custom spawn point thingey. I don’t remember the commands, though. Just push F1 and read.

/setspawn civilian
/setspawn police
/setspawn yada Yada

I havent been on my server in about a week :frowning:

Unknown command “/setspawn”

I have look in F1 but can’t find it. I have the SVN version of DarkRP. In admin menu I have turned customspawn to 1.

Edit: Lol I had to type it in chat!

Thank you very much!