Change Textsize for DLabel

Hey, how do I change the text size of a DLabel? Or, if you can’t, how can I add just plain text wherre I can change the size of it to a VGUI? Also, what is the command to detect if a player has killed something? And a brief description of it. Also, how do I create a .txt file with LUA and be able to read it one by one? Like, LUA will create a txt file that is readable, editable, and serverside.


Wiki is your friend
and according to wiki it isnt a command for that

Simply make the label bigger?

Actually there is a undocumented function called: “SetFont” since the label is derived from the element: “Label”.

So just set the font to a bigger font and then size to contents.

Thanks everyone. Will look into what you said. I added two more questions, if you can help.

For that there is the file library, though I prefer using sqlite.