Change the clothing of bandits after # amount of innocent kills

Too many people complaining about bandits who kill the just-spawned.

So here’s a suggestion that’ll work well with everyone. If a player kills certain amount of non-bandit players, change their appearence and the clothing they wear.

For ex: If the Kevlar is blue, make it red
That way people will understand that, those players with different color set of clothing are “not trustable” and will act depending on that.
Also make it so if a normal player kills a bandit, no changes will occur on their status of becoming a bandit.

As for the cooldown: If a bandit doesn’t kill non-bandits for a certain amount of time (time should be discussed) they can turn back to a non-bandit status etc. etc.

At least we somehow need something like this since they also kill people who just bought the game and try to understand it…

on the other hand, a newly spawned naked person looks exactly the same as a naked person who has lots of material on him that you need, and they also look exactly the same as a naked person with a weapon who is going to kill you once they get close!

Let’s change the title to DayZ too…

i’m just throwing some ideas here, no need to get aggressive on it…

instead of being aggressive you can throw your opinions of “we can’t have that but we can make something like this”

That’s why it’s alpha, and that’s why Devs wants our opinions about it, everyone can complain or make simple comments, however being imaginative helps.


Exactly this ^ I run around naked usually with a rock as a disguise while carrying both a gun and hatchet.

I used to do that, but the problem is when I do so, I am unprotected from people who have guns and ARE armored.

just my opinion on the issue but I think not knowing who to trust and who to run from is part of the survival aspect of the game. In a real life survival scenario is a bad guy really going to put on his “Ima Newb Killer” Tshirt while he is out on the hunt for easy prey? ever hear “Wolf in sheeps clothing”

The suggestion you give was tried once before in an awesome sandbox survival of the fittest game just before its transition to full carebear mode. Ultima Online

Wow, what a great and original idea, I’m sure you took a good time thinking of something that no one has brought up before and totally bothered looking for a relevant thread that might suggest the SAME DAMN THING.

While we’re adding in that feature…

How about we scrap the “remove the zombies” idea, expand zombies to fucking everywhere, make them smart as shit and make the game hyper realistic with a crapload of sniper rifles for campers to use from 4 fucking miles away, and do what XGNsythE suggested and call the game DayZ?


All sarcasm aside, I feel that would just provoke PvP, and just create a huge clusterfuck of people killing other people just because they saw red on them. Also, the developers already said they didn’t want any complex GUI’s or scripts that would remove immersion, and this would drop kick immersion over the fence like Jeff Dunham’s puppy.

I do agree with most of the comments (not every one of them). The thing is, i made my old party (5 ppl) buy this game because they’ve heard my experiences. And they’re solid players who play almost 24/7 on games like CoD, CS, MC, Zombie Survival Games etc.

And I also agree that bandits are a part of this game if we think like “what would happen in real life”. The problem is, they got killed more than 15 time in 10 minutes by the same guy who “only” kills new spawns because apparently the bandit said “oh i’m just collecting bandage, you’ll respawn anyway”

Now who needs 54264423 bandages again?

The only solution for this is better admin tools / active admins to handle the grief kids who are going to do it no matter what color you turn them.

I do like the Idea of dye-able clothing or just random different colored clothing dropping so that once you get a team together they can all wear the same “uniform” to help ID teams or friends. Something I think would stick to the base realism idea of the game

I’m sure they don’t want any ideas that have

A. Have already been discussed before in past threads…
B. Are unoriginal copied ideas from other well known games.

Unoriginal copied ideas?
Enlighten me here a little

This game is not original, it is a mixture of Minecraft and a better version of DayZ imho

As for the threads, I literally gone to page 15-ish and saw lots of topics since I personally want this game to be something epic. I even read some topics like these which made me really happy.

If you ask what I want, I want a game pure survival that players won’t even have the time to deal some stupid stuff like “oh i need to collect 54325423 of this useless item” or after collecting every possible thing and “why not go out and become a trigger happy person”

I don’t know if you understand me on that one. I’m just trying to point out an issue here.

Stop crying people my god

I never mentioned anything about the game being original/unoriginal… im talking about suggesting unoriginal elements to the game… For example: What you want is exactly what is in DayZ… and I’m positive that is where your idea came from.

You’re suggestion is nothing new. I doubt, with your post count, you played this game pre Steam. If this was something the devs wanted, it would have been here by now…as it was discussed before. In a world full of zombie survival games… I’m sure the last thing they want to do is mimic prominent features of other games.

“Different clothes” idea is not coming from DayZ, since that idea is more old than DayZ. Sure I did saw it on DayZ too since they also were having the same issue.

I also don’t care if you call the idea a dumb or not. All I can see is that the similar problems like my friends had when they first started is happening everywhere.


and i do believe that you also commented on that threat or you’ll be…

This is my last thread on this topic since we’re producing nothing to solve anything

It just wouldn’t be very reasonable, I’m no bandit, but I don’t want to know who is all the time, it makes it so no one can trick people, no one can risk eventually killing, it’s just too easy at that point.

So, here’s why it’s very unlikely that you’ll see this feature come to fruition. Here’s what the devs have to say about where they want to take Rust:

Staining a bandit to mark them as a player-killer is explicitly called out as something they refuse to do. Especially red.

This guy nailed it. Personally I hate the killing of people on sight. But when I joined this game, it became very clear, very early on, that the design of this game was to give players freedom to act and to survive. Tons of these threads are made with the focus being that something about random players shooting other players is wrong, with the aim of the thread to fix the devs mistake. Yet the only distinction made in this game’s rules by the devs so far is that it’s all about survival.

So here’s your message. The devs are HAPPY with how this feature of the game works. They WANT you to fear randoms. They WANT you to fear the guy you built your house with, and have only known for one in-game week. They WANT you to fear the concept of going to sleep.

The real problem here is that list of features that dont exist yet. So its understandable that a lot of people are annoyed with all the KOSing going on.

Lets hope in the next few months they deliver on some of those proposed features.