Change the player's angles, not just SetEyeAngles

I’m looking into doing something around wall-walking, like in Aliens vs Predator 2.

But I’m having an issue trying to rotate the player’s angles / alignment. No matter what, it always wants to do it’s own thing which is stand upright, no rotation at all.

Anyone know how to rotate a player, both model **and **bounding box?

Video of alien wall-walking in action.

Well the garrys mod playermodel cannot be “rotated” like that unless you use an animation.
Other then that, you can use

^ to change view angles not actual angles though.

^ Set body angles
and you have already seen what entity:SetEyeAngles does.


Good tip!

That’s gotten me closer: I can rotate the player and can rotate his eye angles, but the axis that mouse look works off is still the same.

Anyone know how to rotate the axis of mouse look?

It’s not that easy, take a look at this

It will teach you about gimbal lock

It wouldn’t be that hard when you rotate the mouse axis with the camera, thus making it local.

How would you do that, rotate the mouselook axis?