Change the prop and entitie spawning for players

I have a dark RP server and I want to know how to change it so regular players can’t spawn in any props or any entities, (they don’t spawn with a Phys gun) this is kinda more of a star wars RP esc server so there is no need for players to spawning in entities and props. How can I make it so only admins and superadmins can spawn in entities and props form the prop menu.

Read the example here:

Hooks for entities, weapons, etc are located on the sidebar.

Download Darkrp modifaction and look in the settings.lua file, it should say what people spawn with and if they are allowed to spawn in props.

Sorry I am a bit bad a coding for DarkRP servers, could you give me the correct code of what it should be and what file I would put that code in?

The example in the link he provides you gives you the correct code. Just put it in a server side file and you’re good.

You’re not going to get very far if you’re expecting people to do it for you.

We have very little information about your server and the environment you’re working with, so it is unlikely anyone here can even provide you with working code.

As ZeroToHero said, you probably just need to look through your gamemode settings to adjust it.

But if the setting is not there, you will need to either write some lua for it yourself or find a prop administration addon from workshop.

There is little more that you can be offered in the way of help without you posting any lua code aside from maybe someone providing workshop links to mentioned prop admin/prop protection addons, but i think you can search for that yourself.

Given that you’re stuck on a very simple problem, i suspect you will need further dev assistance in the future.
I would recommend checking out scriptfodder to hire a dev for your darkrp server.