Change the Sky? Growing Weapon??

Ellow out there:) Im kinda new to GMod, so im a noob :slight_smile: I want to change the sky of a map in GMod, simply, how to do that?. I want to make a scary map, or if you have a “spooky map” that’ll be superb:)

Another Thing

Long time ago when i played GMod at a friend, i found a tool i the menu which could make things grow larger, anyone knows what that tool is called?

Peace :slight_smile:

The skybox is part of the map, it’s not something you can just change. The tool your thinking of could be the inflater, I’m not entirely sure though.

Mark, you’d have to go into hammer to edit the skybox shit like that.

It is possible to change the skybox using lua, your best bet is to go browsing, or ask in the lua forum.

Or noclip to an area outside the map and put your props there


Uh no. Nothing exists outside the map

I think he either meant 1. Make a box and color that and use that instead 2. Go to the skybox put props everywhere color them so the sky is a different color