Change the way to join servers.

As it currently stands we have to refresh every single server before we are able to connect to a server, and I find this really annoying. Personally I don’t give a shit about any other servers as there is only one I play on. Would really like this if it was changed because waiting an extra 10-15 seconds to join a server is just needless.

It is an alpha and you are complaining about 15 seconds.

So what if it is in alpha? The game ran a lot more smoother before the last update.

Before the last update you never had tens of thousands more players, you must expect problems.

Yes there was, by last update I mean server count update.

If you allways play on the one server just hit your history tab and it will be the only server there?

Still needs to wait on the refresh of every other server to be complete that little box at the bottom that says xxx players on xxx servers, we are at xx% capacity.

Not on mine, as soon as servers start refreshing i hit history and click server and i am in. How does it make you wait to click?