Change the way you "build"

I put “build” in quotes because currently you don’t build at all in the game. I personally think that you should have to go through an animation of your character quickly building the object (would be much quicker than in reality) or a timer of you “building” that object. One it makes more sense. Two it fixes the problem of people just dropping shacks on people or building over ones house in a matter of seconds to break in. These alternatives would both take the same amount of time.

Let me know what you guys think!

I like the idea, but not now. Too early for something unneccessary.

I wouldn’t call it unnecessary, but this is mainly to see what the community wants so the devs can see and possibly change the game at some point

bump, come on guys lets get some more votes and posts

As someone else said, some sort of simple building animations in the future might be nice. At this point, I wouldn’t try and fix something that isn’t really broken.

It does fix some issues and makes the game feel less arcady. Its not like minecraft where you click a button and there is a wall in front of you. It would fit with the game’s feel better, I dont know maybe its just me.

Well, I hate to say it, but it is still in alpha. It is expected to feel arcadish for the moment.

I guess so, would you like to see it in the future?

I do not support this idea at all.

You might wonder why im so sure this wont be a good idea. And that’s because the servers are getting wiped constantly and if you want even longer process of building things you would finish a stable and safe house by the time the server is getting wiped. Not neccessery for now, maybe later when the game is finished or as the servers gets more stable, and lesser wipes.

Just my opinion on this suggestion.

i dunno, it has its arcadey feel, but i dig it. games don’t have to be 100% realism, sometimes things like this add value to the game, such as making sure your house isn’t vulnerable to being infiltrated. maybe i’m alone in this, but i dig it the way it is.

besides, all the time you spend waiting for it to craft seems like enough of a time sink.